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WSU Snohomish County Extension created The WSU Growing Groceries Volunteer Mentor Program to increase the capacity of communities and families to grow healthy food.

In 2009, there was a sharp rise in calls to the WSU Snohomish County Extension office from both families and groups wanting to grow community and food bank gardens. Fueled by record unemployment in the county number of people seeking food at food banks rose sharply. Compounding the problem was that many of these new clients had once been donors to food banks, further reducing food bank supply while demand increased.

In response to this need, Sharon Collman and Bick Hang called a meeting of those already interested in food gardening and teaching others (Jana Ferris of  WSU 4-H, Colleen Fullmer of the WSU Food Sense Program, Wendy McClure of the Everett Office of Neighborhoods, and others in Everett Tilth, Sustainable Everett, Green Everett, Bayside P-Patch).

Together we identified existing resources that would allow a quick start-up, and began planning a volunteer training one means of increasing the number of trained volunteers available to help instruct those wanting to build community and food bank gardens or increase their family role in growing food.

The program has several components


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